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Orange Commercial Credit and NASTC have joined forces to offer members a source for 24 hour payments of invoices. OCC was chosen for their quality of service, staff, integrity, competitive rates, and willingness to work with each individual trucking company to customize a cash flow program.

Why Orange Commercial Credit?

OCC has over 25 years of practical, non-borrowing solutions to your cash flow problems. Advancing up to 100% for your accounts receivables and at the lowest rates available, even compared to bank factoring programs. This is due in part to preferred vendor exclusivity with NASTC.

Does this sound familiar?

Bob has eight trucks. Two of his customers pay within 30 days on every receivable. His other customer's receivables are over 45 days which creates a cash flow problem. Bob had heard of factoring, but was very leery of it. He thought, "Why give away my money when we don't seem to have enough money as it is?"

On the surface, good question! Then Bob thought it through. "Hmmm, the very small amount that I will have to give up doesn't even compare to the time lost, hassles, and headaches of not knowing when our next check will arrive for those 6 accounts and my drivers have to be paid on time! Plus, I can concentrate on what I do best, increase my customer base and overall business."

Don't let slow or uncollected receivable invoices weigh you down. Orange Commercial Credit can lighten your load.

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