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Click the image below to take an online demo module.

Online Driver Training Demo

Our driver training program consists of 8 different modules:

Avoiding Collisions at Intersections
Avoiding Collisions While Backing
Avoiding Collisions While Changing Lanes
Driving After Dark: Avoiding Fatigue and Using Night Vision
Managing Your Time and Speed
Preventing Rear-End Collisions
Winter Driving
Avoiding Distracted Driving

With your enrollment in NASTC’s Driver Training Program you would have access to all 8 training modules via the Internet and any modules added in the future. Each module is 25-30 minutes long and includes a 10-item test at the end of the module.  Upon successful completion of the module and the subsequent test, the employee is given an opportunity to print a certificate to include in their driver file. This certificate would provide prima facie evidence that your company has a pre-employment driver training as well as on-going driver training in place as standard operating procedure and to prove your commitment to safety.

If you would like to take a module as a demo completely free of charge please click the image above.

Driver Training Certificate


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