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Ansonia Credit Data is the leading provider of transportation credit reports.

In today’s economy companies are falling at a rapid pace.  Businesses can no longer afford to blindly offer credit terms to their customers without first evaluating their ability to meet payment terms. 

The absolute surest way to determine how your company will be paid is to research how other companies are being paid. 

Ansonia credit reports provide a concise, current perspective of a customer’s bill paying history at a price that won’t break your budget.   With no annual or set-up fees, your company’s profit stays with you.  Our Alert Reporting System notifies you of issues posted against your customers.


  • Significant reduction in credit reporting costs
  • Quicker company reaction to changes in the marketplace
  • A broader and more detailed information base to enhance and accelerate the decision-making process
  • Improved service and faster response time to your customers
  • Pricing discounts for NASTC members


  • Simple easy to read format
  • Provides current payment trends for a twelve month period
  • Provides average days to pay
  • Flexible - you decide what information you want to see and in what format
  • Access to an extensive $700 billion-dollar database of Brokers, Shippers, Manufacturers and all other industries
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Ansonia has prevented brokers and carriers from suffering countless losses in bad debt and collection expenses.  All members of our consulting team have a thorough understanding of both the credit and trucking industry and can help carriers understand the hidden impact of bad debt, cash flow problems, and dealing with collection agencies and factoring companies.

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P.J. Park
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