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A & S Trucking, LLC.

Let me start by saying thank you so much for introducing us to the NASTC program. Everyone there has been so helpful, kind, and courteous during our introduction into the program. I can't believe we ever made it without NASTC.
Below is a summary of our savings on weekly fuel in the first few weeks of using your NASTC QPN Fuel Program.

1st week - $387.07
2nd week - $336.40
3rd week - $362.16
4th week - $286.57
5th week - $173.58
6th week - $222.17

This is an average of $294.66 a week, or $15,322.23 a year. This adds quite a few dollars to your bottom line. In this economy we need all the help we can get. We have a small company, the savings on larger companies would be unbelievable.
Thank you and all the staff at NASTC again for all the help and savings!! Please feel free to give our names out to anyone who has any questions about NASTC.
We look forward to many years of working with you and NASTC.

William Allred
A & S Trucking, LLC

*At the time this testimonial was given A & S Trucking was running 5 trucks full-time over the road.

Bartels Truck Line, Inc.

My Company currently uses NASTC as our consortium and my experience in working with the NASTC staff carries the opinion that they are an epiphany of how a good business should operate. Not only is the staff friendly, informative and efficient, but they have and are always willing to take that extra step to ensure my operations run smoothly within compliance. Knowing NASTC carries a broad customer base, I am amazed and appreciative of the personal attention I receive in all my contacts with their staff. I remain a faithful customer.

Brenda Kraft
Safety Director
Bartels Truck Line, Inc.

c.a.f. inc.

Our company has been using the MYSTC program since 2005 and have had great luck with it. If we ever have had an issue with the software program we have gotten help immediately. The customer service we get is great! We have even asked to have something in the program improved or changed to help our company and they always seem to make the changes for us quickly. We like that we can create an invoice and at the same time create information for payroll. Our company would highly recommend the software program to anyone.

We also use the NASTC QPN Fuel Program. We love how easy it is to see who purchased fuel and where so quickly. Being able to pay our bills online is great! Updating cards or advancing drivers money is so quick and easy online. It saves us so much time.

C.A.F. inc.

Dave Meeker Auto

I am glad you asked about my experience with NASTC. I have told many others that it is one of the greatest moves I have made.

I have been extremly satisfied with the NASTC QPN Fuel Program. I think it is one of the most beneficial programs for a small business that I have found.

I also have found that I like the Drug & Alcohol Program as well. It works for me better than a big consortium.

We have recently joined the Management & Safety Program for our drivers as well. We really like that. We think it helps keep us in compliance and helps us learn about the latest things related to safety.

Kevin Andrews

Gra-bell Truck Line

Gra-bell Truck Line and its sister company Transway, Inc. have been members of NASTC for over 10 years. While we have used several of the NASTC purchasing services over the years, we have benefitted most from the NASTC QPN Fuel Program. Ninety eight percent of all fuel purchases are done at NASTC discounted stations. In the past twelve months our 100 trucks have saved over $240,000 compared to truck stop posted prices. We have compared our NASTC/Fleetone card purchasing program to most of the major programs available and have always found that the NASTC network with the Fleetone card consistently saves us more money in the long run. The daily advance notice of after tax pricing information helps us in letting drivers know the best time and place to purchase. Our drivers are happy with the services and locations of our preferred network. I highly recommend the NASTC programs.

Eric Egler
GB Management Systems, Inc.

Sutton Transport, Inc.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note regarding NASTC QPN Fuel Program.

We have been using this program for about eight years now. The savings we have been realizing are tremendous, especially in these times of rapidly falling fuel prices. Over the past eight years I have gotten calls from every fuel network under the sun - and not once have any of them been able to touch the pricing I've received through NASTC.

I have a local charge account with a mom and pop fuel stop right down the street; they give me a 4 cpg discount off their retail price. Using your card at the Kwik Trip 3 miles down the road is 27.6 cents cheaper than the local stop - even after my discount there.

Keep up the good work!

Andy Sutton
Fleet Manager
Sutton Transport, Inc.

Trail of Tears Shipping & Handling, Inc.

Thank You! It was NASTC that connected OCC and Trail of Tears Shipping & Handling, Inc. It has been that relationship that has permitted me to still be in business today, otherwise, I would have caved in long ago. I am as small as a business can get, and money is my biggest issue I deal with on a daily basis, and I am not sure I will succeed in the end, but without OCC, I would have already been history.

Greg Miller
Trail of Tears Shipping & Handling, Inc.


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