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Safety Status Measurement System (SafeStat) is an automated analysis system developed for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The system combines current and historical safety performance data to measure the relative safety fitness of interstate commercial motor carriers. SafeStat enables the FMCSA to quantify and monitor the safety status of motor carriers and guides the deployment of resources to focus on carriers posing the greatest safety risk.
(Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)

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SafeStat evaluates the relative safety status of individual motor carriers with respect to the rest of the motor carrier population in four analytic Safety Evaluation Areas (SEAs): Accident, Driver, Vehicle, and Safety Management. The system uses up to 30 months of motor carrier safety and normalizing data to develop measures and indicators in the four SEAs. The four SEA values are then combined into an overall safety status assessment, known as a SafeStat score.
(Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)

The transportation industry is highly regulated in many areas and at many levels. Rick Gobbell has spent the last 35 years being responsible for truck safety, compliance, and enforcement at both the state and federal levels. He was FMCSA’s State Director and Division Administrator in the Tennessee Division Office for the last eleven years of his career.

Mr. Gobbell will perform over-sight and analysis of your SafeStat score and will return specific recommendations for lowering your individual SafeStat score.

NASTC recommends motor carriers monitor their SafeStat monthly, but at minimum bi-annually in order to evaluate the safety culture of your company as perceived by the government, brokers, shippers, and insurance companies.

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Some regulations pending change in 2010; (CSA 2010)
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