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The NASTC Fleetwatch program is simple, time saving, inexpensive, available in all states and doesn't require individual state accounts. Best of all, you can register and make your selection of services directly online, or have a NASTC representative do the work for you.

In addition to MVR's (Motor Vehicle Record), you can also choose to order criminal background checks, which include employment, payroll, education, and reference verification.

MVR Monitoring

An additional feature of this service is MVR MONITORING. After you select your initial MVR on a driver, you can choose to monitor that record for a calendar year and receive updates monthly or quarterly.

The system will advise your safety department of any change in the status of an MVR and, in the twelfth month or the month you designate, it will automatically update the MVR as required by DOT regulations.

This feature will:
  • *Pull MVR's real time

  • Bring your MVR information on drivers to a new level

  • Will limit liability exposure

  • Eliminate surprises and guess work

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Victoria Morgan

*Some restrictions may apply.

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