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Benefits of Joining NASTC

I. Intangibles:

A. Being part of a group of trucking companies, just like you, 5,000+ and growing each month.
B. Buying power of 60,000+ trucks.
C. Political identity and collective buying power.
D. Access to information:
1. Quarterly NASTC Newsletter and interactive website:
2. Annual Conference each fall held in Nashville, Tennessee.
3. Fax & Email network for immediate correspondence on important issues.

E. A sympathetic ear for problems and solutions.

II. Tangibles:

A. 3 FREE Business analysis on your company.
• Fuel – Insurance – Drug & Alcohol Testing Compliance
B. Annual Best Broker Directory – “Best of the Best”.
C. Over the Road Emergency Directory & Repair Network with TA, Petro Centers & Independents.
D. Optionally participate in Closed Network Truck & Load posting website.
E. “Products & Services” Catalog of Preferred Vendors that want NASTC business.
F. Tire & PM Discount Program from Travel Centers of America & Petro Stopping Centers.
G. UPS Discount Program for members only.
H DriverCare - Online Driver Training - Professional Drivers Advantage - TripPak Envelopes
I. J.J. Keller Discount Program & Office Depot Discounts – Save 10 to 25% on all orders placed through NASTC.
J. GPS Tracking systems to locate your trucks: Onboard Communications.
K. Annual membership fee never increases regardless of how much you grow.
L. QPN - Quality Plus Fuel Network, partnered with FleetOne that purchases 18 million gallons per month.

III. What Programs do we have access to?

A. Ansonia Credit Data – Always check out who you do business with - discounted.
B. National MVR Program to check driver’s driving history and license status periodically.
C. National Driver Recruiting Program for small fleets – stop or start anytime.
D. Drug & Alcohol Testing and training.
E. UPS discount program.
F. J.J Keller & Office Depot discount purchasing program.
G. Driver Plus Safety CD & video library for your drivers.
H. Management & Safety Programs.
I. Discounted long distance and GPS from NASTC provider: .
J. Factoring your receivables program for all size companies – Orange Commercial Credit.
K. Annual Driver of the Year Awards and recognition at annual convention.
L. Annual Best of the Best “Broker of the Year” Program.
M. Affiliate Vendors of NASTC. Vendors that are Associate members and have designed special programs
for member carriers.

IV. What programs do we have to qualify for?

A. Quality Plus Fuel Network – QPN
1. Credit qualify through Fleet One.
2. Cash deposit or Security.
3. Limit fuel purchasing in 830+ truck stop network.
4. Must have understanding of “cost plus pricing”.

B. PEO - Professional Employer Organization

C. Insurance Products
NASTC Insurance Services.

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