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NASTC - National Association of Small Trucking Companies

Inside the Beltway

NASTC is not a PAC, nor was NASTC designed to be a lobbying group. We have however, from time to time, felt the necessity to represent small, full truckload, for-hire, long-haul carriers on pertinent issues where we feel there may be a small vs. large bias. Examples of these issues among others include The Hours of Services (HOS), EOBRs, the classification of owner-operators as employees, driver turn-over as a safety issue, speed limiters, and general violations of the restraint-of-trade principle in the commerce clause of the U. S. Constitution by various state governments.

Occasionally we’ve been heard and occasionally we’ve made a difference.

When taking a position, we try to reflect the majority view of our members, but we have no sophisticated polling schemes to always know where each of you stands. Also, we do not apologize for our small business bias in taking our various positions. We know from experience that a well thought-out opinion piece from one of our member-company owners on his or her letterhead has more immediate impact on Congress and the regulatory agencies than possibly anything we can offer.

To encourage each of you to express yourselves in your own words and with your own thoughts we have included the phone numbers, email addresses and other contact information to help you “go direct” to your respective representatives.

Please copy us with your comments as you use this function, so we can include your arguments with ours when appropriate.

The President and Vice President – Send questions, comments, concerns, or well-wishes to the President or his staff.

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State Governors – Select your state to access e-mail, telephone, and postal contact information for your governor.

State Legislators – Get the names of your state legislators and other elected officials by entering your ZIP code.