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NASTC - National Association of Small Trucking Companies

Professional Drivers Advantage

Having safety meetings while running a company, especially a small trucking company can be a tedious task; and the largest hurdle to having safety meetings is driver time off the road.

NASTC developed the Professional Drivers Advantage as a driver-friendly, cost-effective, and comprehensive solution that can be implemented with ease. The Professional Driver’s Advantage (PDA) can serve as proof of a companies’ on-road safety meeting and will provide monthly documentation of your ongoing commitment to a safe working environment.

Each month, every driver will receive the following benefits:

Driver Plus Audio Magazine

12-20-minute safety meeting

Log for company documentation

PDA Driver

24/7 driver monitoring decal



Monthly newsletter



Coupons & discounts for use at out QPN full-service facilities

For More Information Please Contact:
Kate Shariati
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