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NASTC - National Association of Small Trucking Companies

Save your drivers valuable time on the road…

NASTC is able to offer PrePass and PrePass Plus to its member companies. To be eligible to enroll in the NASTC program, you must meet the following requirements: You can not be on safety-hold, you can not have more than 100 power units, and it has been at least six months since you were enrolled in PrePass. All other members who pay tolls and/or who regularly deal with scale houses should strongly consider this valuable and time proven safety program. If you’re on NASTC’s Management and Safety Program (MSP), we will be adding this feature as an option to your bundled package. It will also be offered as a “stand alone” a la carte program for others.

Some time ago, 2010, when CSA first came out, we did an internal study of NASTC members, comparing like-sized companies who used PrePass and those who didn’t. Those using PrePass or PrePass Plus were 7 basis points healthier on their CSA numbers, their driver turn-over ratios were lower, their on-time deliveries were higher, and they consistently booked more loaded miles per week, per driver. Most carriers pick up as much as an hour per day, per driver on available driving time under the hours of service and most million mile drivers are attracted to companies who provide this service. The above benefits don’t include the very obvious and measurable savings resulting from reduced idling time and better miles per gallon.

If you are to compete with the mega fleets in the full truckload arena, this tool is a must for they all use it.

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Stacie Wilson
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